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Cape Cod-Orleans Concert-Whoa did we have fun

From Karen Crosby the Sub-Dean of the Cape Cod and the Islands AGO Board:

We had our AGO Board meeting and reviewed our activities over the past few months.  Your ears must have been burning as everyone “sang your praises” and commented on the incredible program“From Sea to Shining Sea.” You both actually made me look very good as my first year as the Sub-Dean!!
I have certainly enjoyed our year-long introduction from Oregon to the Cape-literally From Sea to Shining Sea, and look forward to following your programs and future activities. Thank you again for bringing your wonderful program to us here on Cape Cod.

With warmest wishes,


capecodcake-small Okay, This set the tone for our “From Sea to Shining Sea” event. It was Great.You’ll see, or hear, by the numerous testimonials that a great time was had by all.  By the way, the cake was about 24″ by 30″ and weighed several pounds. Half Chocolate, Half White.  By the end of the reception the weight was transferred from the cake of course. But it was great! Thank you Cape Cod and the Islands AGO.

Church of the Holy Spirit
Church of the Holy Spirit

This event took place at the Church of the Holy Spirit. The Rev. Sue Lederhouse, Interim Priest, was a pleasure to meet and work with. There were many people that it took to make this event work like it did and I don’t want to leave anyone out. So, I will say thank you to every one that was involved in this great effort.

When ever we go to a new location we try to incorporate something from the local area that was unique. Well we never guessed this would appear. whaler-organ-small

Yes, you guessed exactly right. Dr. Noel Tipton’s church has this organ on permanent loan from the Dennis Museum. The organ belonged to Capt. Joshua C. Howes  He retired in 1846, so it was built long before that.  Capt. Howes played the instrument aboard his ship for services every Sunday.  After he retired, he married a woman from Dennis, gave the organ to the church where it was placed in the balcony.  He played every Sunday.  This was the first musical instrument at Dennis Union Church in Dennis Ma. the home of the first performance of Blest Be The Tie that Binds and also the church where Anna Howard Shaw was minister. The organ is property of the Dennis Historical Society,  but is on permanent loan to Dennis Union Church.  It was designed with a foot pedal for pumping, but that mechanism does not work properly now, so it has to be hand pumped.


Another really neat thing we did was to go to where Jeannine’s realtives first set foot in this country. No not  Plymouth Rock, It was Provincetown. Okay it wasn’t Provincetown but it became Provincetown. Jeannine is an Official Mayflower decendent and it was a thrill to touch a part of her history.

Two things really struck me about seeing where the Pilgrim’s landed. First it is hard to comprehend how impossible it would have seemed to land here and start from scratch. The effort is unfathomable. Then it struck me how willing they were to do this to get away from the persecution under which they were living.

Okay, I am going on and on but it was a really cool trip and event. One more thing, out of several, of great interest is this country’s largest granite monument. It was erected in honor of the Pilgrims.


Pilgrim's Monument

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