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The 40-year contribution of Martin Ott, Orgelbaumeister

Today I received an email from Nelson Vigneault, the designer of a new website for the Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company.  In his words, “This site explores the 40-year contribution of Martin Ott, Orgelbaumeister, to the music community in America.

Months ago I was asked by Mr. Vigneault if he might use the Guest Artist Interview with Martin Ott I had published in our Pro-Motion Music e-newsletter in August 2010.  The focus of the newsletter was on American organ builders.  I chose to interview Mr. Ott because his company builds pipe organs after the centuries-old tradition of European organ building using mechanical or tracker key action.  Each organ is a unique work of art designed to be playing for generations.  

On perusing the new Martin Ott Pipe Organ Company website I was thrilled to discover my interview on the new site’s Philosophy page.  To read again my interview with this superb organ builder and learn more of his work (including 114 organs to date), please visit the Ott company’s new website at www.martinottpipeorgan.com/philosophy.  Click on the link to our newsletter archives just below my photo, or click here to go directly to the interview on our Pro-Motion Music website.

In the USA, there are many heroes in the pipe organ builder world, and Martin Ott is among them. Anyone who authors over 114 instruments, as Martin Ott has done to date, is a hero. What most master builders have in common is that they have dedicated their life to the ART of pipe organ building.

In Mr. Vigneault’s words,  “I wish that the site would foster the celebration of one of its hero builders, someone who truly merits attention as a fine contributor to the music community of America, Mr. Martin Ott, Orgelbaumeister.”

Congratulations, Martin on 40 years of organ building! and Mr. Vigneault on a thoughtful and lovely new website

The Top Tunes of 1524!

Pro-Motion Music has joined in the decade-long celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  The celebration, culminating in 2017 with a year of festivities,  is also being celebrated annually from 2007-2016 with a specific theme.  The 2012 theme was Music and the Reformation.

David and I were privileged to travel to the seat of the Reformation, Lutherstadt-Wittenberg, Germany, last August (2012) where I performed organ concerts in historic Reformation churches:  the Schlosskirche where Luther famously nailed his 95 Theses to the door; and the Stadtkirche, Luther’s preaching church.  To celebrate the Luther Decade Year of Music, I performed organ settings of Luther chorales from the Renaissance to the present day on the historic Ladegast organ at the Schlosskirche and on the Sauer organ at Stadt Kirchethe Stadtkirche.

These concerts were enthusiastically received by not only the many tourists, but the local population as well.  One poignant comment by the sexton of the Stadtkirche stands out:  “It was wonderful to hear Luther’s chorales again here in Luther’s church.  Thank you for playing this glorious music.”

With that comment fresh in our minds, we decided to release a recording of the music performed in these concert, thus, adding to the celebration of the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  The resulting CD is The Chorales of Martin Luther, otherwise known as the Top Tunes of 1524!

As Luther so eloquently wrote, “Music is a fair and lovely gift of God.”

Click here to start your new year with a new CD!

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