Dr. Jeannine Jordan, Concert Organist


Promo Photo of bothPro-Motion Music is about the love of music. Specifically about Organ Music and how it moves us whether it is Early American, or our most respected Organist and Composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Stay with us and you will hear and experience it all.

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Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. We made a link to your page for the Dutch Organ Society URL http://www.hetorgel.nl (Links xxx)

    Promotionmusic’s Blog

    Kind regards,

    Geert Jan Pottjewijd
    De Woert 12
    9411LZ Beilen
    Webmaster of het Orgel (KVOK = Royal Dutch Organ Society): http://www.hetorgel.nl & http://www.kvok.nl
    Homepage Organs of Arp Schnitger: http://www.arpschnitger.nl
    Homepage: Organs in Drenthe: http://www.orgelsindrenthe.nl
    E-Mail: geertjan@pottjewijd.net
    Telefoon/telephone: 0031-593-524922

  2. I have too! on http://www.pipelinepress.com/links.html. (I might have already told you – but getting forgetful)

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