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The Power of One Plus

One person with one idea can change the direction of a project for a community or an organization.  In our travels we have had the privilege to meet many people who with an idea and a passion have used the Power of One Plus to accomplish marvelous things.

  • A standing-room only crowd for a Bach and Sons concert in Corvallis, Oregon because one person decided her community should know about and experience this unique event.  She enlisted the help of one other person and together they were not afraid to do the myriad of work to ensure a successful event.
  • The Bach Wedding Church preserved for future generations because one person realized if something was not done to protect this landmark it would forever be gone.  Rosemarie Frey spear-headed the project which eventually not only  involved the entire community of Dornheim, Germany but inspired other municipalities in the area to also do something to preserve their churches.
  • A woman’s shelter received several thousand dollars because one person decided a Bach and Sons concert would be a benefit concert for the charity.  She enlisted the help of a small but mighty chapter of six music educators who embraced the idea and made sure the community benefited not only with funds for the shelter but great music as well.
  • A burgeoning small church music program is unfolding in a small coastal church because one person had a dream for excellent music in worship and was not afraid to ask others to support her vision.  The congregation of this church now has a wonderful organ, a grand piano, choir robes, folders, music and best of all a music program led by two keyboard musicians who study weekly to enhance their skills, and an enthusiastic choir.
  • The new Presbyterian Hymnals proudly gracing the pews of a small rural church just a month after publication because one person wanted the best in hymnody for their church.  That woman plus others from the church attended workshops and within weeks raised the money to provide the hymnals.
  • A small but growing church in Nevada not only has a new organ but also new seating for the entire sanctuary because one person saw a need and quietly and quickly raised the funds to provide the best for worship in his church.
  • A woman in a small parish church with the threat of losing their music program entirely due to severe budget cuts, decided that if the Episcopal Cathedral in a nearby city could raise funds through a Hymn-a-thon, so could her parish.  The result of her enthusiasm was the church choir singing through the entire Episcopal Hymnal in one day and raising the funds necessary to not only keep but grow their music program.

Will you be the person who exemplifies the POWER OF ONE PLUS  in your community, organization or church?

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, church musician, educator, and concert organist.

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