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Securing the Future of the Organ

I would like to invite you to join me in promoting the organ in new and creative ways.  How?

  • Invite a friend to attend an organ concert
  • Listen to organ CDs and share your favorites with a family member
  • Share links of a YouTube video of your favorite organist with a young person
  • Provide lessons for an organ student–child or adult
  • Give the gift of a workshop to your church organist
  • Read books about the world of the organ and share your knowledge with your spouse or a friend
  • Encourage a church or local community organization to host an organ event
  • Subscribe to the Diapason
  • Join the American Guild of Organists
  • Take time to compliment and encourage your church organist
  • Take organ lessons yourself
  • Give a Wayne Leupold Organ Activity Book to a child and work through it with them
  • Visit the Pro-Motion Music website to find a wealth of organ related information to share

    These are only a few ways to promote the organ and in turn secure the future of the organ, its music and performers in the world.  I challenge you to do all you can to secure the future of the organ.
    Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

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