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The organ is incalculably many worlds! The organ is a lifetime of discovery!

Jeannine and David JordanJoin us as we travel the USA and Germany in the upcoming months to present the many worlds of the organ.

On Saturday, August 2nd, my students and I will travel to Rose City Park United Methodist Church to discover the church’s new pipe/digital organ at our annual Jordan Studio Play-In and Organ Crawl.Silbermann organ

In early September, my husband David and I venture to the organ world of Johann Sebastian Bach and present Bach and Sons, our organ and multi-media concert experience in the Bach Wedding Church in Dornheim, Germany on September 6th.  The following day, I perform a solo organ concert on an historic Silbermann organ from 1721, playing the grand music of Bach and his sons at the St. Georgenkirche in Glauchau, Germany.

October finds us in Nevada to celebrate with another church community and rejoice with them as I perform a dedication concert on their new organ.  The discoveries this congregation will make as their organists lead them in worship will be many and exciting.

s2ss logoOn November 9th  the American organ world comes alive as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner with a performance of From Sea to Shining Sea, our organ and multi-media concert event.  Not only will the audience at Rose City Park United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon hear Dudley Buck’s Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner, they will also discover the history of the organ coming to America!

We bring a performance of Bach and Son  to Klein, Texas on November 16th where the audience at Trinity Lutheran Church will discover the story of Bach.bss logo reflected for slide show

The organ is incalculably many worlds!  The organ is a lifetime of discovery!  Contact Jeannine Jordan at jeannine@promotionmusic.org to bring one of her organ and multi-media concert events to your community.  Help your community discover the world of the organ!

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