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The Church Musician’s Toolbox

The Church Musician’s ToolboxAnchor


Your own copy of your congregation’s hymnal to mark in pedaling, registration, and improvisation ideas.

Other denominational hymnals to use as an additional music  resource


Liturgical planning resource guide

  Call to Worship published by the Presbyterian Church USA

Includes worship planning aids for every Sunday and holy day  in the church year. You’ll find prayers of confession, calls to worship, suggestions for hymns, psalms, global music, praise and worship songs, choral anthems, organ selections and handbell music. Tied to the  Revised Common Lectionary.


The People’s Psalter by Hal Hopson published by MorningStar.  An accessible collection of responsorial psalms for use                 throughout the church year.


The translation used by your congregation

Online resource – www.Biblegateway.com

Biblical commentary

Online resource – www.biblegateway.com/resources  /commentaries/



Hymn Introductions/Harmonizations/Improvisation Ideas  

“The Creative Use of the…Piano, Organ, Instruments, Choirs, Handbells…in Worship” series by Hal Hopson

Music to Grow Into and Not Out Of

Hal Hopson

Recently I interviewed composer and church musician, Hal Hopson, for our Pro-Motion Music newsletter.  He used an interesting phrase to describe the goal of his compositional style,”music to grow into and not out of”.

Since talking with Mr. Hopson, I have been intrigued by this idea of “music to grow into and not out of”.  While practicing for our upcoming “Bach and Sons” tour to Europe, teaching, and choosing music for church, I’ve been mulling over and considering this kernel of an idea.  Just what music in your world fits this description?  Some pieces from my musical world include:

  • Trio I in g minor by Josef Rheinberger.  One of the first organ pieces I learned and one that now appears regularly in my student’s repertoire, this trio certainly fits the criteria. It is a short beautifully constructed piece that I “grew into” as a young person and still have not “grown out of” many years later.
  • Trio Sonatas by JS Bach.  While practicing the C Major Trio the other day, I realized that it has taken me years to “grow into” and appreciate and understand the intricacies and the beauty contained in this music.  I know I will never “grow out of” Bach’s amazing music.
  • Hal Hopson’s “The Creative Use of the Organ in Worship”.  This volume is a staple for me and my congregation.  We have “grown into and not out of” these simply elegant hymn introductions and harmonizations.

As we travel to Austria and Germany for our concert tour next month, I will be playing some of my favorite organ music–music that I have “grown into and not out of”.  This summer, I hope you too will take time to play some of your favorite music and  to find “music to grow into and not out of” as you prepare for the work of the fall.

(Dr. Jeannine Jordan is a concert organist and the creator/performer of the organ and media event, Bach and Sons.)

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