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What Do I Love About Being An Organist?

Sharing great music

By the great composers

Hymn settings

Newly commissioned compositions

Playing incredible organs  Jaeckel Organ Duluth MN

Several I had the privilege to play in the past weeks

Goulding and Wood 2 manual/43 rank pipe organ

Austin 3 manual/45 rank pipe organ

Casavant 3 manual/43 rank pipe organ

Harrah Symphonic 6 manual/500 stop organ-world’s largest digital/pipe combination organ

Reuter 3 manual/47 rank pipe organ

Meeting people

Winfried Kuntz and Jeannine Jordan in front of Papenius organ of 1747.

Winfried Kuntz and Jeannine Jordan in front of Papenius organ of 1747.

Other organists

Music lovers

Budding musicians

Organ builders

College students


Children- my favorite was a little 7-year-old girl named Hannah who created drawings for me during last Sunday’s Bach and Sons performance in Fort Wayne

Jeannine Jordan, concert organistSeeing the world

From Zimbabwe to Sri Lanka and Japan to Germany

From the hills of West Virginia and the Pennsylvania Dutch country to the mountains and coastline of Oregon

Check out my Elephants, Kangaroos, and More blog to visit those places I’ve been privileged to travel at http://www.elephantskangaroosandmore.blogspot.com/

What a joy and what a privilege it is to be an organist! 
Treasure every moment of music-making and music-sharing you have. 
It is a blessing!

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

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