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Merry Christmas from Pro-Motion Music

We wish each of you a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!  Enjoy the beautiful music of the season!  — Jeannine and David

Merry Christmas from the Jordans

Student Recital

Jeannine’s students made beautiful music at their end-of-year recital on December 5th.  Ten students performed works of Bach, Franck, Pachelbel, Manz, Stanley, Spong, and others to the delight of friends, family and organ enthusiasts.  The playing was great and the sharing of ideas following the concert was most exciting.  The recital was held at Orenco Presbyterian Church in Hillsboro, Oregon where Jeannine teaches two times/month.

During the upcoming final lessons of the year, the students will asses the realization of their 2009 goals and start the planning for their 2010 year of study.  Goals accomplished by this group include playing successfully in the spring and fall recitals, passing the Brigham Young University Level I Organ Certification course, creating a CD of Advent organ music and working on a second Christmas CD, learning difficult choir accompaniments, enhancing hymn playing skills, learning major organ works, playing one hundred organ compositions, writing articles, and tackling theory and improving technical facility.  What a great group of students!!  It is certainly my privilege and joy to work with them as they work through the intracacies of playing the organ.

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