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Looking for Individual Organ Lessons?

For some students, individual lessons are the way to go.  If you are looking for someone to observe and comment on your technique on a weekly basis, guide you through the intricacies of new repertoire, or just be there as an encourager – a private teacher is for you.

Check out my new website at http://organlessons.musicpeeps.com and let me help you discover the joys of playing the organ (or piano).  The details are there…………..

remember – the more you play (the organ or piano that is) the better your day!

Dr. J

Happy New Year from Pro-Motion Music

2010 looks to be an exciting year for Pro-Motion Music.

Our new Bach and Sons event is now available for booking in the 2010 season.  It is another great event filled with the tremendous organ music of not only Johann Sebastian Bach but that of three sons and one grandson as well.  The stunning visuals and the anecdotes take you to the Germany of 1700 – the life and times of JS Bach and his family.  Check out our website for all the details and contact us now at jeannine@promotionmusic.org to schedule this exciting event in your community.

On the Heels of an Organist – my sometimes irreverant and yet poignant look at life as a church organist, teacher and performer will soon be available.

We are performing From Sea to Shining Sea in Atlanta, Georgia and Elmira, New York in the coming months.  We would love to share our show in your community – American history comes alive in music, word and pictures.  Check out Pro-Motion Music for details and contact jeannine at jeannine@promotion music.org to ask questions and schedule a date.

My teaching continues to go worldwide with a new student in Australia joining my studio.  Great fun to share music and help people enhance their skills anywhere in the world.  So, let me know if you’d like to join my studio.  My studios closer to home continue to thrive which is always a joy.

David and I have lots of plans for 2010 – making music and enjoying life here on the Oregon Coast.

Happy New Year!

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