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Six MORE Survival Tips for the December Musician

1. Don’t overload your Calendar

Easier said than done, right?

8. Keep it slim!

LOL.  Remember, Chocolate Season starts at Halloween and ends at Easter

9. Keep moving!

Keep moving and December Church Musician is redundant


10. Give yourself a boost

That sounds a lot like Caffeine to me. Specifically, Peppermint Mocha

11. Sleep soundly

Worried about what Santa will bring this year? Hmm, next year try being nicer

12. Avoid festive injuries

Don’t experiment with extravagant desserts that include fireworks

And, avoid texting while conducting

Other than that

Merry Christmas and a

Happy New Year

from David and Jeannine Jordan of Pro-Motion Music LLC

Six Survival Tips for the Christmas Musician

6 ways for the December Musician to survive the Christmas Season.

1. Create a Christmas-free zone

A place to breathe, to relax, contemplate, chill, you know, like…




2. Learn to delegate

Not the music, the food and beverage 

3. Lighten up!  Be flexible

Improvisation is good BUT, remember what PDQ Bach said:

“Fast is good,

Loud is better,

Fast and Loud is Best”


4.Fight colds

Avoid the mistletoe


5. Avoid awkward situations

Avoid the mistletoe

6. Cut the caffeine

Wait! Add that to your next New Years resolutions.  All you need for Christmas Season is Caffeine withdrawal. no no no

Merry Christmas!

Jeannine Jordan, Church Musician and Concert Organist


Christmas is Totally Awesome

The best part of being a December Musician is all about sharing the gift of music!

 Ideas from Retail:  Finally, don’t forget that Christmas is completely awesome and that at the end of the day you can enjoy it however you like. Don’t let your work follow you home and have a great festive period.

Musicians:  Finally, don’t forget that Christmas is completely awesome and that at the end of the day for a musician it is all about


The joy of presenting beautifully planned and prepared music for a concert or worship is incomparable and understood

only by those of us who are privileged to call ourselves


Merry Christmas!

With joy,  Jeannine

Create a Christmas-Free Zone

A Christmas-Free Zone?  Really?  Who needs that?  Read on!  It might not be such a wild idea.

Ideas from Retail:  When it all gets too much and you find yourself wishing Santa would get stuck in a chimney and never come out, you need somewhere you can go where there is no glitter, no mechanical reindeer and no customers complaining that they’ve left their Christmas shopping too late and it’s somehow your fault.

Musicians:  When it all gets too much and you find yourself wondering who came up with the idea of family groups lighting Advent wreaths or bell choirs playing in malls or singing Christmas trees, or sing your own Messiahs, you need somewhere you can go where there are no bulletins to be proofed, or last minute soloists to accompany, or choir members telling you they have another conflict and will miss rehearsal and somehow it is your fault.

 Ideas from Retail:  Make sure there’s a quiet corner of the staff room which remains decoration-free where you can sit, have a nice hot drink and imagine it’s a slow day in February.

Musicians:  Make sure you take a moment in a quiet church and let the beauty of the sacred space surround and hold you and give you peace to share the music you so love with the world.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the holiday.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

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