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December 6th was another good day Jeannine had her student recital at Orenco Presbyterian Church in Hillsboro, Or. A fine looking group, and very good musicians. Each Student has their own web page of the recording of their music from the concert, their bios and the notes they create about the pieces they play. Sorry, you’ll have to ask them for the URL.

Student Recital

Student Recital

As many of you know this is the International Year of the Organ. Well we would be remiss not to include the fact that another great American tradition in music is the Theater Organ. We were priviledged to see and play the Wurlitzer IV/10 at the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay Oregon. Thanks to the Mayor, at the time, Joe Benetti. [Joe and his wife Tricia own Benetti’s Restaurant in Coos Bay.Great Italian Food by the way.] Anyway, Mr. Benetti, as the Mayor with many hard working volunteers, was able to get the project going to restore the Egyptian Theater and the 1924 Wurlitzer Pipe organ. It is truly an “oasis.”


As many of you have experienced we don’t like to miss anything when we are on location. So after our visit to the Egyptian Theatre we went to an Oregon State Park named Shore Acres. We got to see 250,000 LED lights greeting the “Holiday” season. I’ll stop using words because you need to see it to believe it.



If you are going to be in town this Sunday, December 21, please join us at the Nestucca Valley Presbyterian Church in Pacific City, Oregon for their afternoon Christmas Concert. Jeannine will be playing, as will two of her students, Shelley Stoll and Margaret Slagle. If you like Christmas music and like to participate in the singing thereof, come and enjoy.


Well, my story for the state of Oregon Celebration got published and you can read it by Clicking Here.

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