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April Showers Bring May Flowers or April Practice Brings May Performance Success

Ah, the two “P” words “Practice and Performance!”  The “showers and flowers” of the art of playing the organ.  As the Spring Recital nears, I find the analogy of glorious spring flowers and glorious recital performances fitting.
Seedlings chosen = repertoire chosen
Soil prepared = fingerings/pedalings prepared, analysis started
Plants placed in the soil = slow practice
begins with hands and feet alone
Plants are watered = encouragement from Jeannine,
colleagues, family and friends
Plants take root = understanding of the piece comes together, parts together practice begins, chordal and cadential analysis continues
Plants buffeted by April showers (or rain, heavy wind and hail)  = frustration over the number of repetitions needed to learn a cadential phrase or a difficult pedalling start to creep into the practice routine
Plants bask in the sun and start to bud = the slow repetitions with the metronome, the careful work to avoid making a mistake
more than three times starts to bring success with
what was a difficult piece

Plants send out more roots and buds start to open = soundscapes are chosen to enhance the beauty of the notes now starting to sound like beautiful music

Buds become flowers = the diligent practice pays off
and the full piece is played for Jeannine with success

Plant shows its full beauty and glory with every perfectly formed flower
surrounded by beautiful foliage = the music chosen,
carefully practiced, nurtured through storm and doubt,
now comes to full bloom and
is shared with family and friends
at the May 22nd recital!
Please join my students and me at our Spring Recital
Saturday, Mary 22nd at 2:00 p.m.
Orenco Presbyterian Church
Hillsboro, Oregon

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