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Is Your Work A Work of Art?

Thoughts to ponder..

Stanislaw Ossowski (1897-1963), a Polish sociologist and culture theorist provides the following thought-provoking statement: “Each original work of art creates new values, new forms and motives to the world of human perceptions.”  Is your work a work of art?

“Every piece of art is something new and surprising; presenting us with something we have never seen or heard before.  Art widens our vision of the world by expressing things in a unique and original manner.”  Is your work a work of art?

David and I, through Pro-Motion Music strive to express music and history in a unique and original manner in our organ and media events, Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea.  Check out our list of upcoming performances, visit our websites, blogs, and YouTube Channel and prepare to widen your vision of your world through our “works of art.”

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

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