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Naumburg and the Hildebrandt Organ

The experience of a lifetime–playing the Hildebrandt Organ at St. Wenzel’s Kirche in Naumburg made today memorable!  We arrived at St. Wenzel’s at noon to hear organist David Franke’s concert.  Walking into the church, the organ case takes your breath away with its stunning beauty.  Then the sounds poured from this glorious instrument in equal fashion.

Following Herr Franke’s concert, I was able to play this amazing instrument for an hour.  The organ had recently been returned to its original disposition (as JS Bach and Hildebrandt designed it in 1746).    It is absolutely glorious.  I wanted to stay all day…the action, the pedalboard, the sounds….all amazing!

Too soon, though, our arranged time had ended and we were on the road again to Rotha.  We attended a concert at the Georgen Kirche played by Kantorin Elisabeth Hopfner on the Silbermann organ assisted by a soprano and tenor.  A lovely concert in another lovely space.

Another memorable day in Bach’s Germany!

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