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OrgelPunkt3 at the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg, Germany

Taking our ring of keys with us, we left our lodging at the seminary to walk to the Schlosskirche for an early morning rehearsal.  Using those keys, we unlocked the heavy doors of this 500 year old church, climbed the spiral stairs to the balcony, sat down on the organ bench and played the mighty organ for several hours in total quiet.  Too soon, however, the church was opened to the public for tours and our personal time in this historic space came to an end.  At that time, we became regular tourists and took time to enjoy and photograph the space we had been making music in during the past dozen hours.

At three in the afternoon, I played the OrgelPunkt3 concert for an appreciative audience on the Ladegast organ at the historic Schlosskirche in Wittenberg (Lutherstadt) Germany.  An unforgettable afternoon!

We ended our memorable day in Sarah and Thomas Herzer’s apartment at Luther Seminary.  It was an enjoyable evening spent with two talented, dedicated church musicians.

(I recorded three pieces for our “Bach and Sons” CD in this magnificent church:  Pedal Exercitium by JS Bach, Chorale Prelude on “Jesus, My Great Treasure” by WF Bach and Sonata in g minor by CPE Bach.  The Bach and Sons CD is available at Pro-Motion Music. Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist)

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