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The Organ Museum of Bad Belzig, Germany

The Organ Museum of the Marienkirche in Bad Belzig, Germany includes five instruments, of which three are now playable.  Two are undergoing restoration and will be added to the museum in 2013.  Winfried Kuntz, curator of the museum and Kantor and Organist of the Marienkirche, is building this museum as an “organist’s destination” in this area of  East Central Germany (between Berlin and Leipzig).

I was privileged to play these lovely organs in a concert of music by JS Bach and his sons suited to smaller instruments on August 18, 2012.  The repertoire included the four Duettos from the Clavieruebung III by JS Bach; a Sonata and a prelude and fugue by CPE Bach; a fugue by WF Bach; an odd fugue on JCFBACH by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach; and a fantasie on BACH by Johann Christian Bach.


Alexander Schuke organ of 1906

The four stop Dorforgel from Toppel built in 1906 by Alexander Schuke is a pneumatic one manual and pedal organ with the following disposition:

Manual:                       Pedal:
Prinzipal      8′              Subbaß
Doppelflöte 8′
Dulciana      8′              Pedalkoppel und eine
Octave manual coupler

A cabinet organ of the 18th century by an unknown builder of the Brandenburg area consists of 5 stops without pedal.  The disposition of this organ is:

Gedeckt       8′
Viol di Gamb 8′ Diskant
Prinzipal      4′
Flöth            4′
Cornett 2-fach Diskant

Manualumfang C-c”’, gleichschwebend gestimmt, ein wunderschönes

Tzschoeckel organ, 1998

A stunning two manual and pedal house organ of 4 stops built by Tzschöckel from Württemberg with the disposition:

1. Manual:               2. Manual:
Gedeckt       8′         Holzflöte    8′ ab c°
angehängt an I
Rohrflöte     4′
Prinzipal      2′

The total number of ranks between the three organs is thirteen.  Thirteen lovely stops on three exquisite instruments.

The most valuable instrument in the collection, however, is the Papenius organ of 1747.  A two manual and pedal instrument of twenty ranks including a Quintathon 16’, Trompete 8’ and Posaune 16’, this gorgeous organ is undergoing restoration and should be playable by the summer of 2013.

Winfried Kuntz and Jeannine Jordan in front of Papenius organ of 1747.

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