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Wooster Enjoys Bach and Sons

We took our Bach and Sons organ and multi-media experience on the road to Wooster, Ohio in late October 2013.  Our performance was the first of the 2013-2014 Music on Market Concert Series hosted by the Wooster United Methodist Church.  

A wonderfully enthusiastic audience was thrilled with the various aspects of live telling of the story of Bach from

  • Jeannine’s performance of the great works of Bach on the Aeolian-Skinner organ
  • Multiple screens showcasing David’s amazing multi-media, which allowed the audience to experience the narration and organ performance in an up-close and personal manner. 

The multi-media utilized

     four live action cameras

  •           two showing Jeannine’s hands on the three keyboards
  •           one showing Jeannine’s feet on the pedal board
  •           one on Jeannine narrating the story as the women in Bach’s life

and included stunning visuals from Bach’s Germany in

  •           video
  •            and still photo formats


As always, it was a thrill to share the story of Bach with a community.

To learn how you can bring Bach and Sons, this unique, audience-engaging event
to your church,concert series, university, or community arts series,
please contact jeannine at




How Did a Sister-in-law Assist in JS Bach’s Musical Development?

(Christoph Bach’s wife tells of taking Johann Sebastian Bach into their home in Ohrdruf.)

I am happy to have these two foundlings, Johann Sebastian and Jacob Bach in our home.  It gives my husband, Christoph, a chance to get to know his little brothers and teach them how to play the clavier.  The boys have settled into life here with us here in Ohrdruf since the sudden death of their parents a few months ago. Thankfully, Johann Sebastian is able to help support our family with his beautiful voice.  He sings for all sorts of occasions around Ohrdruf.

Johann Sebastian is also really interested in Christoph’s collection of music scores and is always asking to see the books of music Herr Johannes Pachelbel gave to Christoph.  In fact, the other night I caught Johann Sebastian copying by moonlight some of the organ music Christoph had expressly forbidden him to use.  I know he is going to ruin his eyesight staring at that music in the near darkness.

After five years, having Johann Sebastian still living with us has started to become a problem.  You see, our little home is getting a bit too crowded with our first two babies now walking and our third on the way.  I think Christoph and I are going to have to send Johann Sebastian away.   We just do not have room anymore and with one less 15-year-old-mouth to feed, it will make life a bit more manageable for us.  We think it is time Johann Sebastian learns to live on his own.

(This story above is one of a dozen vignettes from the multi-media and organ program, Bach and Sons, presented by David Jordan, media artist and Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist.)

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