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What Do The Arts Teach Us?

  • The arts are about imagining beyond the bounds of the known.
  • The arts embrace the past and the future of the human mind and soul.
  • Playing music can be both a model and a metaphor for important aspects of the life we are called to lead.
  • Music stresses individual practice and technical excellence.
  • Learning to play or paint, dance, sing or act, means constantly being refashioned, constantly demanding risk.
  • Dealing with one’s inevitable mistakes is a part of an artist’s education.

These are lessons for how we all can grow throughout our lives.  We must teach our children to be ready for a world we cannot yet know, one that will require the attitudes and understanding sparked and nurtured by the experience of the arts.  These are the qualities by which the future will measure us.”

Excerpted from The Art of Learning by Faust and Marsalis.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

We Need Learning That Incorporates What The Arts Teach Us

A New Year has begun.  The “season of intense musical activity” — the end-of-year academic concerts, student recitals, Christmas concerts and church services — is past.  But, before we forget those glorious moments of music-making and music-sharing, let’s start the New Year by taking a moment to examine why music is important and what benefit making music has in our lives

Reading through a copy of the January 2, 2014 issue of the USA TODAY newspaper, I came across a thought-provoking article espousing the importance of education based on “what the arts teach us.”  The authors, Harvard President Drew Faust and Wynton Marsalis, noted composer and trumpeter, join forces in presenting an argument for the importance of an arts education.

“We need education that nurtures judgment as well as mastery, ethics and values as well as analysis.  We need learning that will enable students to interpret complexity, to adapt, and to make sense of lives they never anticipated.  We need a way of teaching that encourages them to develop understanding of those different from themselves, enabling constructive collaborations across national and cultural origins and identities.  In other words, we need learning that incorporates what the arts teach us.”

I encourage you to read this excellent article, The Art of Learning, by Faust and Marsalis in its entirety.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist

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