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Leaving A Legacy Is Really Pretty Simple

Our legacy does not need to be like Johann Sebastian Bach’s in its weight or force.  Our legacy is being made every day in the decisions we make. We come to a fork in the road and sometimes, “just take it,” not thinking about the long lasting effects that it may have.  Other times we are very deliberate in our decisions and decide which fork to take, which path to create.

My personal observation is that when people focus on “leaving a legacy,” they start to make big mistakes. However, when you focus on your gifts and use them fully and completely, you will be doing compelling things. You will most likely leave a positive inspiring legacy. We, as musicians, have a great opportunity to leave that very positive legacy.

I recently came across a very interesting question: “What will your legacy say about what you have done to make your profession better than when you entered it?” Great question! You don’t have to change your  profession; just improve it somehow in your way, with your own gift, with your own effort and dedication.

So what am I saying? Really, legacy is pretty simple. Do what you do (your own unique gifting), do it well, do it with the focus of helping other people in their journey, and you will certainly leave a great legacy.

Here’s to leaving a great legacy by doing what you are doing, doing it better than when you began, and helping others through what you do.

Onward and forward!

Legacy: Ready or not — here I come!

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist with David Jordan, media specialist, are the creators and performers of the audience-engaging organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea.

A Legacy Is Not Hard To Create

Legacy  by David Jordan

The developments during the past two months have surely set in motion reflective thoughts in all of us. With the passing of John Scott and Sir David Willcocks, we are prompted to think about legacy. These two human beings left a wonderful legacy of encouragement, honesty and focus of effort, and, of course, magnificent results. They are and will be missed.  Hopefully their legacy will encourage us to assimilate their approaches to life and music to help build our own meaningful legacies.

For our purposes, we will use the definition of legacy as “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.”  Legacies are, more or less, what we remember about a person.

A legacy is not hard to create. The truth is, whatever we do, we leave a legacy. Short lived, long lived, world changing or not, positive or negative we leave a legacy.

As musicians we are blessed with many great legacies that influence us today.


David Jordan, media specialist and Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist are the creators and performers of the audience-engaging organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea.

The Inspiration of the Cre8con in Portland, Oregon

Last week I had the great opportunity to attend the Cre8con conference in Portland, Oregon. I heard inspired and inspiring speakers. The most inspirational point of the conference for me, was  to hear from nearly every speaker, that we need to keep doing what we’re doing and do it well.

We shouldn’t try to be someone else or copy someone else, but remain  authentic in doing what you do. For each of the conference speakers, adhering to this ideal had made each successful. We don’t need to measure what we do against someone else and what they do and we especially should avoid the monetary  comparison.

Our legacy is being developed every day and we might as well create a legacy that is thoroughly our own. We can’t live someone else’s legacy. If we want a legacy that means something, then it needs to reflect us and what we do, are called to do, are great at doing, and love doing.

Then at every stratum we will leave a memorable legacy.

Written by David Jordan, multi-media specialist and co-creator with his wife, Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, of the organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea.

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