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Our organ never sounded like that


“Our organ never sounded like that.” Have you seen an artist’s palette? All those dabs of colors? An organ is like that palette except its variety comes from mixing a plethora of sounds instead of colors. Another joy, she calls it a joy, I know it’s a phenomenal skill she has developed, is going to a new instrument and finding those different colors of sound and creating a painting that might use the myriad of sounds in a way that hadn’t been heard before. This is especially true in Around the World in 80 MinutesWith all the unique organ music from 16 different countries, Jeannine uses an organ’s full palette of sound to recreate the artwork of the music from each country. It’s truly exciting to watch her create images and paint with those tonal colors.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist of Pro-Motion Music are the creators and presenters of the dramatic story-driven organ and multimedia concert experiences, From Sea to Shining Sea, Bach and Sons, and Around the World in 80 Minutes.  #DrJeannineJordan  #OrganAndMultimediaConcert


Jeannine’s story

BTW, I encouraged Jeannine to write her book called On the Heels of an Organist. You can read the full details of the briefcase and other stories in her book. There are stories of her experiences that she thought were dreadful that I thought were hilarious. You decide.

Take a big breath:…GO

High School in 3 years, on to college, people are moving too slowly. 3 years, enough of that, on to the MM degree and, okay, it took more than 3 years but let’s just say she finished her DMA in organ performance and music history in a timely fashion. Thank you very much! If you think there are times I look like I am short of breath, there’s good reason!

12:30 AM, it’s pitch black outside. The bright lights on the stage of Beall Hall at the University of Oregon seemed extra bright at that time of the morning. You could see the dust flecks floating down from the ceiling. The organ class and Jeannine are sitting on the stage, some students are lying on their backs listening. Truly world-renown organist, Guy Bovet, articulates what needs to be different in the technique of his class of organ students. She admits she never thought 12:30 AM classes would be part of the path to getting her music degrees. But it was, and to slightly understate it, Guy was yet another person who thought way outside-the- box and made life even more intriguing.

If I may, I’d like to say that if you want to see how a dissertation can come to life and become a riveting concert, come experience From Sea to Shining Sea.


Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist of Pro-Motion Music are the creators and presenters of the dramatic story-driven organ and multimedia concert experiences, From Sea to Shining Sea, Bach and Sons, and Around the World in 80 Minutes.  #DrJeannineJordan  #OrganAndMultimediaConcert

Bach and Sons – the 237th Concert

Excerpted from the Guest Artist Interview of the October 2018 Pro-Motion Music e-newsletter.

Jeannine:  Recently, David and I presented our Bach and Sons organ and multimedia concert experience as the 237th concert on this amazing series as the final concert of the series under your direction.  What an incredible series and accomplishment for both you and the church!  Would you share a few (I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds) stories/anecdotes of the series.

Mr. Largent: Of course, the unseen work is the behind the scenes fundraising and sponsors for the artists.  From the beginning it was stipulated the Concert Series runs outside of the church budget. It must be self-sustaining. Even with that decree we have kept the suggested donation at $10 and that students can attend free.  Thus far it has worked, and we break even.

It has always been fun to bring friends in our field to play recitals and share them with the community.  We’ve had our share of people getting a “bug” on the flight and hope things “calm”- so they can play.  Finding out everyone’s intermission “regime” is fun – do they need a Snickers bar or sparkling water?  Do they eat before or after?  How much attention do they need during their time here?  What performance anxiety do they manifest? One professor had the worst case of pre-jitters I’ve ever seen…. He said, “I don’t know why I said I’d play this program…I really can’t play anymore!”  Having known many of his students and what he always told them before their recitals I turned the tables on him. I said, “You know you’re the only person here tonight that know this program!  There’s not a single person in the audience that can come up to play the pieces you’ve prepared for tonight!  Now get out there and make music!”  He calmed down and said, “That’s what I get for telling that to my students!  You’re right…. Here I Go!”  He played beautifully, and the audience loved him.

One of the gifts that I didn’t expect was to hear all the sounds the artists have found in this organ.  I have learned such interesting registrations from the guest artists.  The color pallet of Casavant Opus 3660 is greater than I ever anticipated.


Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist are the creators and performers of the organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons, From Sea to Shining Sea and Around the World in 80 Minutes.  Contact the Jordans at david@promotionmusic.org to schedule a performance in your community.

Three Audience-Engaging Concerts

Live Organ and Multi-Media Concert Experiences

Created and performed by Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist with David Jordan, media artist

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Contact Jeannine Jordan at jeannine@promotionmusic.org

From Sea to Shining Sea

is the story of the parallel development of the organ and its music in the colonies and the United States. Jeannine,as an actual Mayflower descendant, leads us through the first 200 years.

Bach and Sons



is the story of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family as told from the perspective of 4 women important in Bach’s life and includes historically informed performance of Bach’s greatest organ music.


Around the World in 80 Minutes

is a fast-moving concert that features unique global organ repertoire by native composers, and is as exciting as it sounds.




 Contact Jeannine Jordan at jeannine@promotionmusic.org

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