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International Year of the Organ Tour

Jaeckel Tracker Organ Duluth MNWe started our International Year of the Organ Tour in Duluth MN at Pilgrim UCC on September 21st.  Sam Black, the Dean of the Arrowhead Ago Chapter was a great host and fine musician. The organ was a French Style Jaeckel Tracker organ.  The organ sounded great and filled the room perfectly. The Reeds were really quite stunning. We just returned from another fantastic concert tour to the East Coast. This tour was the premier of our DVD From Sea to Shining Sea made for the celebration of the International Year of the Organ. We landed in Newark, NJ and made our way to Greenwich, CT to visit our friends, Rick and Matt. We spent one wonderful “vacation” day in THE CITY lunching at our favorite deli and taking in our favorite sites. Then it was on to Albany, NY and Westminster Presbyterian Church for our second From Sea to Shining Sea Concert. It was great and the people were wonderful. The organ was a reinstalled E.M. Skinner that had the wonderful English voicing and filled the room nicely. Al Fedak was our host at the church along with Barbara Adler and Charles Jones, officers of the Eastern New York AGO Chapter.


Then it was on to Madison, New Jersey to St.Vincent the Martyr for the Official Organ Spectacular Event. It was a great crowd and the Metro NJ AGO with Linda Loria and Preston Dibble out-did themselves in welcoming us and making sure everything worked well. Which, by the way, it did. The Festival Trumpet had the ability to lift people out of their seats! which it did. The organ was a Perragallo with the, I repeat, very memorable Trumpet Enchamade. We also saw Charlie Updegraph, a friend and member of the Metro NJ AGO Chapter. A great time was had by all! This is what Linda Loria the President of the Metro NJ Chapter said:


Then it was on to Lewisburg, PA for their Celebration of the International Year of the Organ. Shirley Smith and Ellen Bardo, deans of the Susquehanna Valley and Lewisburg AGO Chapters were our hosts at Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The concert was on a nice Austin Organ. The three manuals and position of the pipes made for a very substantial sound indeed. We stayed at the Pineapple Inn BNB in the quaint historic Lewisburg downtown, a few blocks from church. The decor is original antiques from the 1700 and 1800s and Charlie and Deborah North, the proprietors, are really lovely people. You’d love it. This is what Shirley and Ellen had to say about the concert: We finished the four concert tour at Kenmore Presbyterian Church in Kenmore, NY. The organ was the first Schlicker in the US. It fit the room perfectly and had a huge sound. It was a great concert continuing our Organ Spectacular 2008 performance tour. lyndon-gayla-jeannineJeannine’s brother, Lyndon Zielke, Vice-President for North American Procurement of Holcim, and sister-in-law Gayla Daniels made the drive from Dundee, MI to attend the evening concert. It was then time for a vacation day, so guess where we went? it was off to Niagara Falls, Canada with family for a wonderful day of sightseeing. With that, our trip was complete and we returned to our home in Lincoln City, OR. November 4. We are ready to hit the road again. We will be at First UMC in Warsaw Indiana on Saturday the 8th of November for a 7:30 concert. November 8 Well, it’s the eighth and what a great team of people we met at First UMC Warsaw, IN. The Concert was so well received and with participation from both the Ft. Wayne and St. Joseph Chapters made it extra special. The Ago had a workshop in the afternoon featuring  Archeologist Prof. William Autry with info about a study of organs in Mexico. Very Interesting! Jeannine at the console of the Goulding and Wood organ with Director of Music, Alan Chambers.

Jeannine and Alan Chambers at Console

Alan Chambers and Dr. Jeannine Jordan at Console

Here is what John Gouwens, the Dean of both the Fort Wayne and St. Joseph Chapters of the AGO had to say about the concert. Scott Avery is president of the Indiana Choral Directors Association and had this to say Then on to Columbus Ohio for a Concert on Monday the 10th at 7:30 at Northwest Christian Church. The Pastors are Rev. Cynthia Adcock and Rev Jeff Wheeler. Northwest Christian and the Columbus Chapter of the AGO are just another example of the really wonderful people we work with and meet on this tour. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that went into the Schantz organ here at the church. A group of 14 church members went to St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham Al. to get the organ and reinstall it at Northwest Christian. They were guided with help from the Columbus pipe company Peebles-Herzog on how to handle the pipes and how not to go flying out of organ chambers when dismantling the chests and pipes. The re-installation was a great success and shows what team work can do!


Rev. Cynthia Adcock has an interesting twist on the From Sea to Shining Sea event.

Paul Hill Testimonial

Paul Hill Testimonial

I’m Paul Hill, a member of Northwest Christian church and a member of the group who brought this organ from Birmingham Alabama. It was a joy not only hearing someone play our organ superbly but also play a tremendous variety of music presented in this program. So it was a delight to have that here at our church and on our organ.

Ending up this tour at Church of the Advent in Spartanburg South Carolina on Friday the 14th. Be there or be square. We will keep you posted as we progress. Church of the AdventContinuing with our tour of The International Year of the Organ Tour, here we are at the Church of the Advent. Dr. Brennen Szafron, the organist and choir master determined to show us “Southern Hospitality,” and he did.  A person could get used to that. We had a wonderful concert and time in Spartanburg, met some really wonderful people, and had more wonderful food than we really needed. We stayed at the Inn on Main in Spartanburg. The Inn is quite elegant and wonderful. Can you believe a Steinway in the parlor? Susan and Wayne Sease, the innkeepers, are very welcoming and, again, great cooks. I learned that Grits are way better than I thought. Well let’s talk about the From Sea to Shining Sea “experience.” I call it an experience because not only does it have really interesting and creative visuals, that’s me, but the organist , that’s Jeannine, is extraordinaire.  Okay, that part of it is the concert part. But I explained that at normal concerts their aren’t drawings; for our DVD, Laughter; some of the vignettes , inclusion of local history; each venue, and being a part of the whole experience. In effect helping extend the history of the organ in the United States.

Two Doctors at work.

Two Doctors at work.

The Organ is a 1989 Flentrop. It had around 30 ranks with a flat pedal board and stops that need to be pulled out full length to open the stop.  The sounds were very distinct and the fun part with a tracker organ, of course, are the ambient sounds of the trackers and pedals accompanying the music. Playing the Paulus, Blithely Breezing Along, was a team effort. The music moves so fast that Jeannine needed Brennen to pull the stops. They did extremely well if I do say so myself. The Flentrop is in a beautiful case and compliments the sancturary wonderfully. Here are some wonderful testimonies of the From Sea to Shining Sea concert in Spartanburg.

Dear Jeannine,

I was in attendance and the presentation was superb. It was such a pleasure to watch your technique. What a super idea to have a

camera to show you at the console. I did not get a chance to meet you personally, because of the weather.… Thank you for bringing such an fine

program to our community. To let you know who I am, I offered the invocation. Thanks again and God bless.


Therlon Joyner

Chaplain Spartanburg AGO

December 6th was another good day Jeannine had her student recital at Orenco Presbyterian Church in Hillsboro, Or. A fine looking group, and very good musicians. Each Student has their own web page of the recording of their music from the concert, their bios and the notes they create about the pieces they play. Sorry, you’ll have to ask them for the URL.

Student Recital

Student Recital

As many of you know this is  the International Year of the Organ. Well we would be remiss not to include the fact that another great  American tradition in music is the Theater Organ. We were priviledged to see and play the Wurlitzer IV/10 at the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay Oregon. Thanks to the Mayor, at the time, Joe Benetti. [Joe and his wife Tricia own Benetti’s Restaurant in Coos Bay.Great Italian Food by the way.]  Anyway, Mr. Benetti, as the Mayor with many hard working volunteers,  was able to get the project going to restore the Egyptian Theater and the 1924  Wurlitzer Pipe organ. It is truly an “oasis.”


As many of you have experienced we don’t like to miss anything when we are on location. So after our visit to the Egyptian Theatre we went to an Oregon State Park named Shore Acres. We got to see 250,000 LED lights greeting the “Holiday” season. I’ll stop using words because you need to see it to believe it.



If you are going to be in town this Sunday,  December  21, please join us at the Nestucca Valley Presbyterian Church in Pacific City, Oregon for their afternoon Christmas Concert.  Jeannine will be playing, as will two of her students, Shelley Stoll and Margaret Slagle. If you like Christmas music and like to participate in the singing thereof, come and enjoy.


Well, my story for the state of Oregon Celebration got published and you can read it by Clicking Here.

Please come and join us to start our 2009 season of the International Year of the Organ. From Sea to Shining Sea will be at First United Methodist Church in Ocala Fl. The date is February 15th at 3:00  PM. The address is 1126 E Silver Springs Blvd Ocala, FL 34470. This is sponsored by the First United Methodist Church and the Ocala Chapter-AGO. Then for those of you into snow, come and help us warm  up at St John’s Lutheran Church 4707 W Pratt Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712. The date is February 20th at 7:30. This is sponsored  by the North Shore AGO chapter.

Then it’s on to New London CT. to the Coast Guard Academy at the Cadet Chapel. The date is Feb 23rd at 8:00 PM. The address is 15 Morgan Ave, New London CT. 06320. This “From Sea to Shining Sea” is sponsored by the New London AGO Chapter.
For those of you closer to Boston, we will be hosted by the Cape Cod Chapter of the AGO on April 26th. The venue will be announced.
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