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Bach and Sons – the 237th Concert

Excerpted from the Guest Artist Interview of the October 2018 Pro-Motion Music e-newsletter.

Jeannine:  Recently, David and I presented our Bach and Sons organ and multimedia concert experience as the 237th concert on this amazing series as the final concert of the series under your direction.  What an incredible series and accomplishment for both you and the church!  Would you share a few (I’m sure there are dozens if not hundreds) stories/anecdotes of the series.

Mr. Largent: Of course, the unseen work is the behind the scenes fundraising and sponsors for the artists.  From the beginning it was stipulated the Concert Series runs outside of the church budget. It must be self-sustaining. Even with that decree we have kept the suggested donation at $10 and that students can attend free.  Thus far it has worked, and we break even.

It has always been fun to bring friends in our field to play recitals and share them with the community.  We’ve had our share of people getting a “bug” on the flight and hope things “calm”- so they can play.  Finding out everyone’s intermission “regime” is fun – do they need a Snickers bar or sparkling water?  Do they eat before or after?  How much attention do they need during their time here?  What performance anxiety do they manifest? One professor had the worst case of pre-jitters I’ve ever seen…. He said, “I don’t know why I said I’d play this program…I really can’t play anymore!”  Having known many of his students and what he always told them before their recitals I turned the tables on him. I said, “You know you’re the only person here tonight that know this program!  There’s not a single person in the audience that can come up to play the pieces you’ve prepared for tonight!  Now get out there and make music!”  He calmed down and said, “That’s what I get for telling that to my students!  You’re right…. Here I Go!”  He played beautifully, and the audience loved him.

One of the gifts that I didn’t expect was to hear all the sounds the artists have found in this organ.  I have learned such interesting registrations from the guest artists.  The color pallet of Casavant Opus 3660 is greater than I ever anticipated.


Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist are the creators and performers of the organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons, From Sea to Shining Sea and Around the World in 80 Minutes.  Contact the Jordans at david@promotionmusic.org to schedule a performance in your community.

The Inspiration of the Cre8con in Portland, Oregon

Last week I had the great opportunity to attend the Cre8con conference in Portland, Oregon. I heard inspired and inspiring speakers. The most inspirational point of the conference for me, was  to hear from nearly every speaker, that we need to keep doing what we’re doing and do it well.

We shouldn’t try to be someone else or copy someone else, but remain  authentic in doing what you do. For each of the conference speakers, adhering to this ideal had made each successful. We don’t need to measure what we do against someone else and what they do and we especially should avoid the monetary  comparison.

Our legacy is being developed every day and we might as well create a legacy that is thoroughly our own. We can’t live someone else’s legacy. If we want a legacy that means something, then it needs to reflect us and what we do, are called to do, are great at doing, and love doing.

Then at every stratum we will leave a memorable legacy.

Written by David Jordan, multi-media specialist and co-creator with his wife, Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, of the organ and multi-media concert experiences, Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea.

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