Dr. Jeannine Jordan, Concert Organist

Author:  David Jordan, media artist of Pro-Motion Music — creators and presenters of dramatic organ and multi-media concert experiences.

Back before civilization was recorded, I was teaching what was called speed learning. This technique was applied to the sales and communication field and was quite powerful. It was a little ahead of its time, but it really did work. That speed learning became multimedia learning was even more verification.

A few giant steps ahead in time to today, and you’ll find us applying speed learning/multimedia to our dramatic organ concerts. Audiences are enthralled with our organ concerts, and there are actual scientific reasons for that as you can read below.

What many don’t realize is that during our concerts, many applications of learning theories and technical learning devices are being employed. The nice thing is people don’t have to know that. They can simply relax and enjoy the story and the music because multiple learning processes are happening to help them get the most out of our concerts.

We want to people to experience our concerts —the music, the story, the images, the cinemagraphs in a gratifying and meaningful way. When they leave the concert, they will leave with a much better and deeper understanding of the adventure they just experienced. 

mr wizard

There are people, you may be one of them, who want to know the facts about an idea. What are the facts about using something like multimedia as an integral part of an organ concert?

For those of you, or those of you who have people on your committee who want to know the answer to that question,here it is. The following information, though a little academic, should help you understand the science behind what happens “behind the curtain” during one of our organ and multimedia concert experiences.

We use multimedia in our three dramatic organ concerts because we know it works exceptionally well. It’s more than luck or the weather. Following is some of the science behind what we do.

Around the World in 80 Minutes

What is it? 

Multimedia may be defined in multiple ways, depending upon one’s perspective. Typical definitions include the following:

  • Multimedia is — the use of multiple forms of media in a presentation (Schwartz & Beichner, 1999, p. 8).
  • Multimedia is ― information in the form of graphics, audio, video, or movies. A multimedia document contains a media element other than plain text (Greenlaw & Hepp, 1999, p. 44).
  • Multimedia is — a computer program that includes text along with at least one of the following: audio or sophisticated sound, music, video, photographs, 3-D graphics, animation, or high-resolution graphics (Maddux, Johnson, & Willis, 2001, p. 253).
    multimedia concerts____________________________________________________________________________________
    Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist and David Jordan, media artist of Pro-Motion Music are the creators and presenters of the dramatic story-driven organ and multimedia concert experiences, From Sea to Shining Sea, Bach and Sons, and Around the World in 80 Minutes.  #DrJeannineJordan  #OrganAndMultimediaConcert

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