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The Sounds of Summer

Yes!  It’s summer!  Opportunities abound to create and experience music in a myriad of ways.   Open your ears and your mind. There’s a world of music out there!

Why not sing in a summer choir?

Some church choirs go on hiatus during the summer and a “pick-up” choir provides music presented by those folks who don’t want a year-long commitment.  Last summer at the Cathedral in Bath, England, David and I heard the most marvelous “pick-up” choir you can imagine.

Why not take lessons?
Try it!  You might just like the experience of dusting off your instrument (or your organ shoes) and playing and studying your instrument on a daily basis.  You might just learn that playing an instrument is a great source of relaxation, rejuvenation, and challenge that you need in your life.

Why not enjoy a Road Scholar music experience?
  Find a community of like-minded amateur musicians and spend a week creating music together in a beautiful place.  One of my students recently attended a choral experience on St. Simon’s Island which culminated in a festive concert.

Why not play concerts in far flung locales?

Begin the work this summer to schedule concerts for next summer or the next or the next.  Yes, planning and preparing for those performance opportunities in those far flung locales takes months and yes, sometimes even years to coordinate.  Start now for a performance experience you’ll never forget!

Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist with her husband David, media artist, are the creators and performers of Bach and Sons, From Sea to Shining Sea, and Around the World in 80 Minutes — live organ concerts with multi-media.



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