Dr. Jeannine Jordan, Concert Organist

Fish in a Paper

by David Jordan
It’s hard for us to imagine, but Bach’s sons were beginning to use his scores to wrap fish and line cupboards. His music went underground for 150 years.  It could happen again.
It’s not that the organ has
become less of an instrument, and it’s certainly not that organists have become lesser musicians.
I’m preaching to the choir, but I just want to remind all of us of the importance of not letting things slide.
We do what we do as organists because we love doing it, and it comes from the depths of our hearts.
We want the rest of the world, at least more of it, to love the organ and its repertoire too.
Most people reading this, happen to think the organ is the ultimate instrument for worship.

Stravinsky is quoted as saying, “music does not give all its’ secrets to one person.”  We need to keep our “secret of organ music” alive and do all we can to keep an audience aware of its greatness.
If in few years, when churches and the next generations get tired of the “hottest” thing in music and worship, and decide to revive the majestic awe-inspiring sounds and inspiration of the organ, It would take several more years to develop organists who could even play the instrument.
It is important that we stay mindful of the fact that this marvelous instrument and its music could disappear.
So let’s not get caught up debating who is most “correct” in presenting the organ and its music.
Let’s show the love and the joy we get from playing the organ and creating great services that draw people into our joy.

We have the gift of music and we still have great places to share it on a weekly basis.
David Jordan is a multi-media specialist and
co-creator with his wife Dr. Jeannine Jordan, organist,
of the organ and multi-media concert experiences,
Bach and Sons and From Sea to Shining Sea
Reprinted with permission.

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